Content design patterns for a Fast Company Award-winning experience

Capital One


Welcome Experience content design patterns


Content strategist



As Capital One added new functionalities to its mobile app, we needed a way to introduce users to these upgrades. Customer engagement was stagnant. User study participants hardly noticed these debut features, and those who did had low expectations about what they would offer.


Business: Drive higher customer adoption and engagement

CX: Provide in-app education on how new functionalities help users stay informed and take action


- Collaborative partnership between product, tech, research, and UI/UX design to build a best-in-class experience.

- I partnered with our brand and design system teams and the enterprise-wide content design community to develop a consistent voice and tone for in-app education.

- I created content patterns that anyone at the company can use, enabling scalability for the Welcome experience.


Fast Company’s 2022 Innovation by Design Awards

🏅 Finalist, Finance

🏅 Honoree, UX

Content design patterns created for an onboarding experience introducing customers to new app features.